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Born in Palermo in 1958

1984 carries out on behalf of various groups and organizations theatrical Palermo (Teatro Libero) his first professional assignments as       a photographer scene

1984 He graduated from the faculty of Law , undergraduate degree in Political Science

1985 Implements behalf of CRESM (Centre for Social and Economic Research for the south), photographic campaign on territory involved in the project "EUROPEAN PROGRAMME TO COMBAT POVERTY". This project funded by the EEC and the Regione Siciliana

1986 Care with others, an exhibition of a series of images on Sicily 50s in the International Exchange Tourism Siciliano

1988 Still Photographer Incontroazione in the edition of 1988 - Theatre Festival

1988 Create the Cooperative Zetaeffe treating a stock image on Sicily

1993 exhibited at the library from Dante Palermo entitled "The eye, the road, things." The show itself during year hosted in various cities Italian part of "Circuit Veneto" search

1993 Enter by invitation, in 1993 the exhibition "Kermesse - Photography in Palermo" with a portfolio of twenty stock

1993 are published in the United States, his images on various internationally circulated magazines (Twa ambassador, Reality)

1993 Collaborate with the publisher Sellerio on the occasion of the book "From the fourth to the Volturno. Noterelle of one of the Mille "search

1994 exhibited at Palazzo Marchesi di Palermo, the first part of a report on a stretch of the coast of Palermo, on the occasion the exhibition "Sord - NUD, Proposals Sicilian art" search

1995 Make a report on the work in the marble quarries of Custonaci (TP) and the weekly national television "Mediterraneo" dedicated to a specific service such reportage

1996 Collaborate with the publisher Sellerio at the volume Sellerio "A photographer in Sicily" (Ed. Harvill - London)

1998 Publish a selection of 10 photographs in box on the province of Trapani, with particular reference to the world of saline

1999 It works on a book about the journey of JW Goethe in Sicily

2000 Show traveling exhibition in Europe and in America, "Amen Photography" by Italo Zannier

2001 He was awarded the prize "Friuli Venezia Giulia Photography 2001 'XV edition sponsored by the Office of Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italian author as the best emerging

2001 Portfolio of "Fotologia" magazine of the Museum of the History of Photography "Fratelli Alinari" by Italo Zannier

2003 Kultforum (Sicily) Show "Pina Bausch: Palermo Palermo" search

2003 Collective in Biel (Switzerland) together with HCBresson, Felice Beato, Lucien Clergue, Flor Garduno, Luigi Ghirri, Man Ray, George Rodger, Christian Vogt, Wilhelm von Gloeden, Weegee. Edited by the Swiss Foundation of Photography in Zurich; Museum of Ethnography Neuchatel; Collection C.H. Favrod and collection of the city Biel exhibition organized by the Federal Office of Culture Swiss

2005 Dusseldorf - Cologne - Frankfurt: "Goethe in Sicily - Impressions timeless." Forty-eight photographs dedicated to trip Wolfgang Goethe in Sicily. Organized by the Goethe Museum Dusseldorf and Anto and Katharina Kippenberg Foundation, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Cologne.

2010 Selected for the exhibition of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy

2014 Post your portfolio 'ISTANBUL PAST and PRESENT' on

2014 CALTANISSETTA- Collective Martino Zummo, Giuseppe Leone and Melo Minnella. (PALAZZO MONCADA)

2015 RAGUSA- Collective Photogallery Martino Zummo and Giuseppe Leone - KERMESSE


Photographs by Martin Zummo are in the collections of:

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
Fratelli Alinari, Firenze
Fund for Culture Assicurazioni Generali Dutch, Amsterdam

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